Nearby beach

1. Naiharn beach approx 15 mins ride from our place.


Nai Harn is a very nice spotless beach, tucked between grassy hills and tiny islands, and popular among expats and locals. More laid back than west coast touristy spots it has all the food, hotels and shops you need for a great day and still holds on pretty well to its original feel. The protected bay offers great anchorage for sailing boats and luxury yachts. It’s among the most popular beach where people on the street visit. Look out when you there, you may see your friends from the gym.

2. Rawai beach approx 15 mins ride from our place.


Rawai Beach, located at the south end of Phuket island kind of next to naiharn, is not a swimming beach but offers beautiful views on the many nearby islands in a peaceful local atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy great seafoodbe the seaboard and a good starting point to do some island hopping.When driving south, the left side of the main pier is known as the ‘Gypsy Village’, where long established fishermen in rather precarious houses make a living of fishing, boat chartering and selling shells. The right side of the bay is an anchorage for dozens of longtails boats and speedboats. And the far right side is often the starting point for good kite surfing when wind permits.
2. Promthep cape approx 15 mins ride from our place.
After soaking and sun bathing on the beach, most of people would spend their noon or evening at promthep cape where they can appreciate the magnificent view of the ocean as well as a tiny of the city. Located only 5 mins ride from Naiharn beach. We would recommend couple, friends, or solo traveler to check the place out. It’s wonderfully crafted by nature and as you may notice that nature is always surprising and wonderful.

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