Fighting street (our street, ta-eid)

street gym location



Soi ta-eid is normally called “fighting street” where there are 3 muay thai gyms including 1. Phuket top team 2. Dragon muaythai 3. Tiger muaythai located. There is another muay thai gym is under construction and will be ready this high season. Therefore, on our street we have 4 martial art gyms. Moreover, the street also provide fitness bootcamp and facilities for people who prefer other type of fitness. Fighting street is kind of fitness frenzy street where it’s all about getting stronger, better, harder, and tougher. However, the attitude of most of people who train and teach here is friendly and approachable. Therefore, do not be afraid to visit our street and give each facilities a try. Each gym and facilities has its own selling and strong point so it’s depend on what kind of structure and environment you would preferred to be in.

We of course recommend

  • MMA and Brazilian jit jit su – Phuket top team – really good for mma, jit jit su, and muay thai. They offer all classes from mma to strength and conditioning.


  • Strength and conditioning – Unit 27 – Strength and conditioning is their specialties! They know their stuff. All of our guests who visit “unit’ always say it’s the best experience and hardest they ever been to.


  • Muaythai –Dragon muaythai – specialized in Muaythai training. The only muaythai gym where they only teach and own by thai owner. Really friendly environment, suitable for beginners and fighters.



If you have further questions about each gym, feel free to ask. We would be more than welcome to answer all the question as best as we can!

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